20 years in the technology development and prototype design and production: starting from semicon equipment, continuing with 3D printing and medical instruments, as well as mechatronic design and software development.

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Since its foundation in 1997, Orent Ltd. has been engaged in trading, designing and manufacturing of mechatronic, semi-conductor and medical tools. We sold millions of Euros worth of products to countries of Europe, the Middle-East, South-East Asia, China and the USA.

We make use of the advantages of the additive production technologies in satisfying the needs of the medical and scientific research industry. The production of personalized tools is based on the 3D printing technology providing quick, precise and personalized solutions for these unique areas.

Our main focus is on the research and development serving the production of medical educational and research materials and tools.

The core staff of our company consists of three engineers and IT specialists cooperating with many others at partner companies and free-lance contractors depending on the nature of the task. We work with engineering companies, universities and specialized advisors as sub-contractors on a project basis.

We provide services for one of our sister companies producing tools for medical interventions and quality assurance to be used by major medical tool suppliers such as Boston Scientific, Medtronic and Wright Medical, Terumo,

Since 2016, Orent’s group income has been generated from its member company specialized in special purpose medical instrument development and production.


Since the early 2010th, Orent Ltd has been focusing on the production of mechatronic, semiconductor and medical tools. In the years between 2010-2015, the vast majority of its income came from these three industries, The goods and services provided by Orent Ltd. ranged from, technological know-hows to tools, equipment and components, control systems and software.

In the course of close cooperation, our engineers gained first-hand experience in applying technologies and sales techniques of prominent vacuum-technological companies such as Oerlikon in Switzerland, Roth und Rau in Germany and Jusung in Korea. Our colleagues are proficient in speaking English, German, French, Spanish and Russian languages enabling easy and professional communication with our recent and future partners and customers.

Orent’s 8 pcs of 3D printers are capable of running in non-interrupted shift of operation to produce large-size objects, prototype tools and parts.

We posesses over the following competences and equipment:

  • Electric development
    HW planning, developing of operation firmware, end-user SW, desktop apps for Windows, IOT HW/SW and prototypes.
    Developing of electric elements of electric cabinets and producing complete cabinets. Development of printed circuits for electric systems for own products.
  • Mechanical development
    Development of mechanical parts and equipment using Auto CAD and Solid Edge 2D and 3D SWs. Creating files for drawings and converting them into 3D printing files,
  • Mechanical workshop
    Traditional turn-bench, millers, drills, thread drills and wreaths, for the manufacturing of parts to be used in the process of the in-house developmental work.
  • 3D printing
    - Self-produced, single-head Lambda 3D printer with PLA thread with the diameter of 0,3 mm for producing objects of the size of max. 250x250x240 mm.
    - Da Vinci 1.0 x-y-z single head printer for producing objects of the size max. 200x200x200 mm. The objects printed with using the Ø 0.4 mm ABS thread is easy to cut and resists both low and high temperatures (-40 ÷ +80˚C).
    - On-demand modelling of mechanical parts or creating of .stl files for 3D printing from drawing files).
  • Specialized medical tool’s workshop
    Production of nature-identical anatomical models serving the planning of image guided (US, CT and MRI) minimal invasive surgical techniques. Such models are used to build the tools of Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Wright Medical, Terumo, Cook Medical and other medical instrument producers.
  • Layer deposition workshop
    Physical and chemical deposition of thin layers for the specialized coating of medical instruments. The laboratory and workshop were built on EU and the company’s own funds.
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Some prototypes designed and produced by Orent serve medical educational purpose. Others comply with the requirements of certain idustries the parts, components, tools and applications to be tailor-made.

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